Axxon Biopharm Inc. is committed to the improvement of the quality of life on earth through the judicious utilization of the gifts of nature, including the sustainable use of medicinal plants. We are part of an umbrella of strategic alliances known as "The Life Company" that have united to achieve this goal.

What makes Axxon Biopharm the Traditional medicinal company?

Our plant and raw materials are all derived from the rich and fertile soil of Africa. They are organically grown or wild-crafted according to the direct specifications of the tribal farming communities. The blends and formulations are processed in accordance to the ancient practices of the tribal natural healers.

What makes Axxon Biopharm the Scientific medicinal company?

An International scientific advisory board of world-renowned scientists, traditional healers and physicians directs the scientific development of the company's products. The board is affiliated with professional organizations such as:

•International Organization of Chemistry for Development (IOCD)
•National Science Foundation (NSF)
•International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE)
•United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
•American Botanical Council (ABC)
•World Health Organization (WHO)
•International Center for Science and High Technology
•International Cooperative of Biodiversity Groups (ICBG)

How do we ensure the development of high quality, safe and effective formulas?

Our products are designed through Clinical Outcome Based Ethnomedical Leads (COBEL) and laboratory tested and certified by the International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD) is an International Agency that ensures products meet the following criteria:

•The products are based on original traditional formula
•The ingredients are sourced from organic farms or sustainably collected from spontaneous flora
•The products are scientifically validated as safe, efficacious and are released with the approval of the cultural group that offers the remedy
•The products are certified to meet "World Class" quality standards

Every Axxon Biopharm Inc. product carries the InterCEDD approval seal.

Our Alliances

Axxon is a member of "The Life Company", which is a strategic alliance of institutions and organizations committed to the improvement of the quality of life on earth through the judicious utilization of the gifts of nature, including the sustainable use of medicinal plants.

Two key alliances are BDCP and ASCOPAP:

Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme:

BDCP is an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). In its 5 years of operation, BDCP has established an international consortium for collaboration among universities, traditional healers, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations worldwide.

African Scientific Co-operational on Phytomedicine and Aromatic Plants:

ASCOPAP a collaboration of scientist who's mission is to promote and facilitate the research, development and commercialization of safe, effective, affordable, standardized phytomedicines based on sustainable utilization of African plant resources.

What does this mean for our customer?

When you use our products, you can be sure that you are receiving formulations that have been validated by modern science and have retained all the benefits and virtues that nature offers.

We go a step further!

Not only do we place our customers' needs first, but we are also constantly evaluating our remedies to create more effective products. We have created formulations that promote healthy living and have forged a unique alliance with the Traditional Healers, who have discovered and utilized these remedies within their communities. To help support and sustain these communities a portion of the proceeds from our revenues is returned to organizations that support Traditional Healers.